“The Legend of Pale Male”

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“The Legend of Pale Male”

NTSC only ( USA, Canada, Mexico )

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Pale Male and Family

Essays and Photos by Charles F. Kennedy

$ 20.00 Shipping & Handling included

The famous Red-tailed Hawks of Fifth Avenue in New York City had no greater friend or champion than the late Charles F. Kennedy. The story of Kennedy's relationship with Pale Male, the patriarch hawk, is one of devotion and joy––along with a helping of "flying envy." Pale Male and Family is Kennedy's previously unpublished homage to the nesting hawks. His superb photos and essays shine with wit, anthropomorphic whimsy, and hawk science.

Owls of Central Park

Essays and Photography by Charles F. Kennedy

$20.00 Shipping & Handling included

Charles Kennedy loved the natural world of Central Park with a singular passion and Owls of Central Park provides the evidence. When he died in 2004 he left behind this remarkable collection of unique photographs, rich essays, field notes, and masterful haiku poems. Owls of Central Park captures the nighttime adventures of Kennedy and his intrepid New York City friends as they explore the habits and intrigues of several owl species in Central Park. If you are a fan of owls, or of New York City and Central Park, or if you simply love gorgeous nature photos and stories, this is a book you will love.

The Fish Jumped Out of the Moon

Haiku of Charles F. Kennedy

$20.00 Shipping & Handling included

The Fish Jumps Out of the Moon: Haiku of Charles F. Kennedy is the first published collection of the late Central Park naturalist’s work. It sparkles with masterful haiku, nature photographs, and enchanting essays. Fish Jumps is a nighttime journey that stretches from twilight to first light. Along the way the reader is treated to exquisite haiku snapshots of classical haiku themes-- the moon, night herons, bats, and fireflies. Owls and spiders haunt the collection's winding paths in stunning photos and essays. The special gems of this collection are rare photographic (and poetic) images of emerald cicadas and of common slugs engaged in luminescent lovemaking.

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